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C.S.R.O. history + incidents

90 C.S.R.O. history + incidents

When nightman at W. 0. w'ill?, once he by mistake took a jug containing concentrated dye, used in washing (a midnight lunch + a jug of home-made beer was always set out for him) He drank from the dye jug but as soon as he discovered it, he drank milk which prevented poisoning

When watchmen at Broadford, once all alligator was set out for him in his midnight lunch. However he was wise, + didnt mistake it for fish? + eatit!

C.S.R.O. worked at Broadford twice . (1) During + near close of Cine? bar, 1865, was watchman, lived at the old stone house near the River, where Jacob S.O. had lived. Suceeded by A.O. Tinstman

91(2) From late '67 to early '69, when he was in the Bfd Distillery. He lived in a second floor room in the hash? house on the H.O. Tinstman place, and boarded at the H.O.T house, where Mrs. Chain? ran a boarding house.

While there, Uncle Clay came to Bfd, + lived in the hashabaugh? house across the street, but boarded with Mrs. Chain? in the H.O.T. house.

A.O.T + ??? O.J. lived in H.O.T. house, as had Sr. Porter.?

Upon leaving Bfd second time,Uncle Cris S.R.O. worked in W.O. distillery, + boarded with Granpap O. However he was ill with fever at his own home in Jan. '70 when GFO died.