Overholt Diary

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Oct. 1860 to August 1862.

188 Oct. 1860 to August 1862.

After graduating from the Business College course, father went back home and worked in the West Overton Store at C.S. Overholt's place. Lloyd Shallenberger ran the store, + father was only other clerk.

Uncle Cris S. O. was managing the West Overton Distillery for Grandfather Abraham O. and "Uncle" Henry S. Overholt.

When the Civil War began, father + Uncle Aaron worked to enlist, but Grandfather Bishop John D Overholt did not want them to enlist right away, and forbade their so doing then.

In the summer of 1862 Father brought up the matter again, speaking to Uncle Aaron about it, who thought it would be of no avail to ask JDO again.

189However father said that he was going to ask his father JDO and was going to insist upon enlisting + getting JDO's consent.

When approached JDO first remonstrated as before in '61, but finally consented. JDO of course was in favor of the War. No one was prouder of his sons + their being in the Service than he. Every day he would go to the West Overton P.O. for his "Philadelphia Inquirer" paper, to get the news of the War.